Crucible is Setu’s internal framework we use to design and build interfaces at Setu.
It is meant to serve as a guiding light when building UI and mocks, creating collaterals for marketing, laying-out email templates, and even writing articles for our blogs.
Its purpose is to unify anything we do into a singular, cohesive “Setu” experience.

Setu also has a rich culture of framework-first approach—and Crucible attempts to be the framework for experiences and interfaces.

Why “Crucible”

Setu is quite literally the melting pot for a vast number of financial product API concepts, specs and implementations. What better name for a framework that enables exactly that?

And, also because this system a constantly evolving exercise, and not a rigid set of unchanging rules.

Getting started

Our manifesto →

Principles →


Fictoan is the heart of Crucible. Fictoan powers the layout, components, and responsiveness.

Crucible adds branding, colours, fonts and other assets for that Setu-specific flavour.

Sit tight

Crucible is still an early-stage experiment currently. Watch this space as we add more artefacts under this framework!